• BREEZE V1 - 2024


    BREEZE V1 - 2024

    Drawing inspiration from the classical longboard, The Breeze is designed to be catching waves in those light days.A true wave catcher and crafted in the style of a surf longboard, the Breeze is designed to shine where its more radical cousins struggl…

  • XWAVE V3 - 2024


    XWAVE V3 - 2024

    Shaped by the challenging conditions of choppy beach breaks and unpredictable gusty onshore winds commonly encountered along the European coastline, the 2024 Xwave design has evolved to thrive in these elements.Central to the new design is its fast..…

  • DA BOMB 2024


    DA BOMB 2024

    WAVERIDING REFERENCE   The Da Bomb excels in optimal conditions, and it truly shines when the wind shifts onshore, creating less-than-ideal wave conditions. Our R&D team have invested significant effort in enhancing the Da Bomb’s...

  • DA CURVE 2024


    DA CURVE 2024

    HARDCORE WAVE Introducing the all-new Da Curve, the Pro Model of waveriding legend Thomas Traversa – a windsurfing board that redefines wave performance. Building upon its stellar reputation, this latest edition comes with a host of upgrades an…