• C5 2023


    C5 2023

    WAVE ALLROUND MULTIFIN The new C5 range maintains its extraordinary ability to adapt to all wind and wave conditions: from onshore to side offshore, the C5 is always a top performer, partly thanks to it’s multi-fin configuration/options which all…

  • DA BOMB 2023


    DA BOMB 2023

    NEW SCHOOL WAVE RIDER With its unmatched versatility the Da Bomb adjusts itself to all conditions and spots, you might discover.A fine blend of a low tail kick rocker line as well as channels, thin rails and a longer outline in the tail section...…

  • DA CURVE 2023


    DA CURVE 2023

    HARDCORE WAVE   Radical cutbacks, tight turns and outstanding control are more accessible than ever before with the new Da Curve 2023. Its unique waveriding performance in perfect down-the-line conditions is well-known by windsurfers around the.…