• C3



    PERFROMANCE FREESTYLE WAVE The C3 rappresent a further improvement to the Style Pro Wave being a performance Freestyle Wave which confirmed to be the envy of the market: International Magazine board tests, customers and team riders have been astonish…

  • 3S CLASSIC 2023


    3S CLASSIC 2023

    ALL-SEA   The 3S has left a huge impression over the past more than 15 years and is one of the highest renown windsurf board concepts ever since. With the 3S Classic we celebrate this board’s successful past and add modern...

    €2,299.00 - €2,599.00
  • 3S PLUS 2023


    3S PLUS 2023

    PERFORMANCE IN ALL CONDITIONS   Three styles, one board – the 3S+ combines the best traits of our wave, freeride and freestyle boards and provides performance in a huge range of conditions. A perfect mixture of early planing, speed and...…

    €2,299.00 - €2,599.00