GRAND TOUR 2022

    PERFORMANCE FREERACE Coupple years back, we introduced the Revo, which combines the use of ourproven fast WCSL scoop-rocker lines in all models combined with a host of new features that enables the rider to experience the thrill of true slalomspeed,…

  • PERFORMA 2022


    PERFORMA 2022

    FREERIDE The Performa breaks through freeride performance barriers to reveal a range of boards that are super easy, plane exceptionally early, gybe effortlessly and have excellent stability once planing. It’s the real freerider’s...

  • FIFTY 2022


    FIFTY 2022

    50% Foil + 50% Fin = 100% WINDSURF PERFORMANCE   Maximum freeracing performance with a fin and a foil is guaranteed with just one board – the Fifty. This is the first board that from scratch has been equally designed for foiling and fin...

    €2,199.00 - €2,499.00
  • BULLIT 2022


    BULLIT 2022

    ONE FOR ALL FREERIDERS   Not only experienced freeride windsurfers will be fascinated by the easy-to-use planing power of the Bullitt, the whole family and all friends will appreciate the board just as much, making their first steps onto a...

    €1,699.00 - €1,799.00
  • ROCKET 2022


    ROCKET 2022

      THE FREERIDE SOLUTION   For over 15 years the Rocket has provided countless freeride windsurfers with versatility, performance and ease of use for their session of a lifetime. An elaborate mix of controllability in chop, user-friendliness…

    €1,699.00 - €2,499.00
  • ROCKET PLUS 2022


    ROCKET PLUS 2022

      PERFROMANCE VERSATILITY   The Rocket+ masters the balancing act between peak performance and user-friendliness to perfection and makes breath-taking speed easy to handle. A low entry rocker provides early planing power and control, even w…

    €1,699.00 - €2,499.00