• Fast Wave


    Fast Wave

    New hybrid and versatile wave fin Fusion of a slalom profile and a «new wave» outline. The FW is designed to accelerate quickly and strongly regardless of the condition of the water. Box : Slot Box US Box Power Box Technology : C…

  • MX Evo


    MX Evo

    The legendary MX is back with a new profile ! Early planning Extreme maniability This compact design is appreciated by experts freestylers in search of even more extreme tricks. Can also be used in light wind wave riding Fin Box : Slot Box US...

  • S1 Pro


    S1 Pro

    Board type : Slalom (allround) New version of the S1 Slam EVO Full carbon fin More nervousness Unmatched versatility Wider range of use Higher speed in all sailing conditions PWA Approved Box : Power Box Tuttle Box Deep Tuttle Box Technology…

    €198.00 - €215.00
  • Edge G10


    Edge G10

    Hi-performance hybrid fin. Profile based on the S1 PRO Easy to ride / Very comfortable in choppy conditions. Sizes up to 49 for the most demanding free riders. Fin Box : Power Box Tuttle Box Deep Tuttle Box Technology : FR4-G10  

    €125.00 - €135.00
  • V max 4.0


    V max 4.0

    Board Type : Slalom High End slalom fin known for its world wide performance. The V.MAX v4.0 has a NEW PROFILE. Twist and flex diagram remain the same as in the 3.0 version. Combined with the new profile, gives enhanced control Fin Box : Powe…

    €230.00 - €250.00
  • Rhino PRO


    Rhino PRO

    Board Type : Slalom New version of our flagship fin ! Given its powerful profile, this fin allows for a quick planning. Extremely nervous, the RHINO generates a huge lift effect. With its flexible tip, it never saturates and offers an exceptional...

    €290.00 - €300.00
  • X1.v4 Wave


    X1.v4 Wave

    The latest version of the most widely used single wave fin in the world. New profile, new outline : flexy tip for more efficient ride. The X1.v4 covers any sailing condition. A safe investment to enhance your single or multifins boards...

    €65.00 - €125.00
  • S1 Race EVO


    S1 Race EVO

    Board type : Slalom XL / Race board Evolution of the S1 Race with a new profile Stiffer body with flexible tip to create significant foil effect. The S1 RACE.evo is the ideal fin for powerful riders using big and wide boards along big sails. PW…

    €235.00 - €255.00
  • FX Freecarve


    FX Freecarve

    The FX FreeCarve is the 4WD fin in the range ! The FX FreeCarve is dedicated for FreeRide / FreeCarve boards (85 to 105 liters) or Wave light wind boards Fin Box : Slot Box US Box Power Box Technology : CNC FR4-C