• FREEFOIL V3 - 2024


    FREEFOIL V3 - 2024

    The Freefoil embodies the spirit of windfoiling without any constraints - effortlessly taking off and enjoying the sensation of flight with minimal effort.With the forward placement of the widest point, along with a mostly straight rocker extending u…

    €1,490.00 - €2,090.00
  • AIR RIDE PLUS 2024


    AIR RIDE PLUS 2024

    PWA REFERENCE The Air Ride Plus collection assures peak performance across all foil racing disciplines and in a huge range of conditions. Equipped with the brand-new Air Ride Plus 76 and 86, you’ll experience early take-offs, exceptional top sp…

  • RF FOIL V3 - 2024


    RF FOIL V3 - 2024

    SLALOM & RACING FOIL Designed for performance foiling, the RF Foil range is shaped to excel in both light winds and high-power conditions, with no compromises to control over the course.Marked by its square outline, flat deck, and remarkably wide…

    €1,790.00 - €2,750.00
    RF FOIL V2 - 2023


    RF FOIL V2 - 2023

    The RF Foils were designed with one goal in mind: to perform exceptionally in any conditions while remaining incredibly accessible.Their unique shape features a relatively flat deck plan and optimized volume distribution, making it easy to take off w…

    MSRP: €2,590.00 - €2,650.00
    €1,900.00 - €1,990.00
  • MAGIC CARPET 2023/24


    MAGIC CARPET 2023/24

    FOIL CONVERTIBLE   If you are one of the many, who has become addicted to foiling during the past years, or if you are just making your first steps above the water surface, the Magic Carpet is your go-to board for foiling in various disciplines.…

    €1,799.00 - €2,299.00
  • AIR RIDE 2023/24


    AIR RIDE 2023/24

    ALLROUND FOILING Take off with ease and fly over the water surface at high speed with the Air Ride – the board of choice for dedicated foiling enthusiasts. An elaborate foiling rocker line makes you take off in incredibly light winds and enable…

    MSRP: €1,799.00 - €2,299.00
    €1,499.00 - €1,999.00