• CAPITAL V3 2022


    CAPITAL V3 2022

    The PLKB Capital is a carbon board built to offer fast riding and freestyle performance. The ideal board if you want to progress quickly and jump high. From pops and aerial transitions all the way to handle-passes and heart-attacks, the Capital board…

  • SHEPHERD 2022


    SHEPHERD 2022

    The Shepherd is a playful board built for fast- and easy riding through any conditions. The ideal board to play in the waves and jump high. For any rider from beginner to winner.  

  • PATROL V3 2022


    PATROL V3 2022

    The Patrol is designed to be an comfortable freeride board with great upwind abilities. As a true progression board, it will take riders from their first water-start all the way to their first jumps and tricks. A great weapon to have in your arsenal …

  • BLEND 2022


    BLEND 2022

    LIGHTWIND | FREERIDE With the Blend 2022 in your quiver, you’ll be able to start your session in lighter winds than ever before, while always being in control when the wind picks up. Wide tips, a continuous rocker and the straight outline provi…

  • WATTS 2022


    WATTS 2022

    FREERIDE | FREESTYLE The Watts is defined by its inimitable allround characteristics, combining power, control and ease of use in one Twin Tip board. A continuous rocker line leads into channels at the tip ends to add extra control in various conditi…