• ONE'23



    LIGHTWIND FREERIDE / FOIL Not only performance at the extreme low-end is guaranteed with the One, which also provides incredible agility and controllability in stronger winds. A more boxy wing tip shape makes the handling smoother and more balanced,.…

    €1,250.00 - €1,700.00
  • NOVA V2


    NOVA V2

    We’re excited to present the all-new Nova V2! Be the first and last on the water, jump the highest or race up- or downwind, there is no Wing that can beat the fun with the Nova V2!The new Nova has been redefined and offers a lot more than you c…

    €1,490.00 - €2,790.00
  • Compass FOIL


    Compass FOIL

    The Compass FOIL is used for the PLKB 4-line depower foil kites.The all new Compass Bar has been redesigned with an all new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. Many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip,...