• GAMBIT 2022


    GAMBIT 2022

    The PLKB Gambit is our new allround kite that gets you going instantly. It feels direct and predictable in everything you do. Power when you want it and lots of depower.Because we wanted to create a kite that is suitable for all riders, From beginner…

    €1,050.00 - €1,650.00
  • HOOK 2022


    HOOK 2022

    The all new Hook V3 will bring you to new heights. The key of going to new heights is massive depower, higher flying speed and a super steady kite in stormy conditions. That’s when you’re able to take up a size bigger and keep your edge..…

    €1,170.00 - €1,690.00
  • SWELL 2022


    SWELL 2022

    The PLKB Swell is the ultimate wave kite with a large wind range and a intuitive feeling. A kite that can drift perfectly in the edge of the wind, but with a pull on the bar, it can give you loads of power, exactly if you want it.With a playground li…

    €1,140.00 - €1,620.00
  • ESCAPE 2022


    ESCAPE 2022

    The PLKB Escape is an intuitive and predictable freestyle kite that dares you to try any trick in the book. It’s aggressive but easy to tame.It’s the excitement of progression that identifies the Escape and when you think it can’t g…

    €1,160.00 - €1,620.00
  • ONE 2022


    ONE 2022

    LIGHTWIND FREERIDE The One proves that extreme low-end performancce does not necessarily imply deficits in agility and controllability. You’ll be able to start your sessions in super light winds and still pilot a lively and agile kite that...

    €1,050.00 - €1,590.00
  • IQ 2022


    IQ 2022

    WAVE/ FREERIDE Both wave enthusiasts and freeride kitesurfers of all skill levels are fascinated by the inimitable mixture of turning speed, stability and controllability of the IQ. An extremely easy relaunch and great low-end performance get you out…

    €980.00 - €1,450.00
  • PURE 2022.


    PURE 2022.

    REESTYLE / WAVE Radical performance in waves, during freestyle moves and when freeriding in rough conditions is guaranteed with the 2022 Pure. A progressive arc design leads to superb rigidity, which provides accurate response to your steering impuls…

    €990.00 - €1,390.00
  • SPARK 2022


    SPARK 2022

    PERFORMANCE FREERIDE The Spark impresses with its allround characteristics, which provide outstanding performance in all types of conditions and for riders of all skill levels. Throughout its large wind range the Spark is direct and easy to handle wi…

    €990.00 - €1,490.00